Jade Beauty Roller

Jade Beauty Roller

$ 29.99 

A complexion-enhancing massage for your skin.

Elevate your skincare experience with the calming and healing effects of our Jade Beauty Roller.

Helps with:
- Stimulating circulation
- Drawing away toxins and promoting lymphatic drainage
- Promoting relaxation by releasing muscle tension
- Reducing puffiness
- Improving absorption of skincare products

Directions for use:
Apply facial oil onto cleansed face and neck. Your jade roller ritual begins with stimulating the lymphatic system. Using the smaller end of the roller, start at the jawline and roll lightly in a downwards-upwards motion from the jawline towards the collarbone. Roll around the eyes and eyebrows toward the temples, then between the eyebrows in an upwards direction.

Use the smaller end to roll both the cupid's bow (upper lip line) and chin in a downwards motion. Use the larger end to roll along the jawline towards the ear, and along the forehead toward the ears. Complete your ritual by using the smaller end to roll in an upwards and downwards motion from the jawline toward the collarbone. With each step, roll 5-6 times. You can store your jade roller in the fridge for added cooling effects. Clean before each use. Use morning and/or night.

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"I loved using the products as they had an earthy smell that calmed me down for the night. So simple and easy to use and showed a change in my skin basically the night I first used them!"

Jenna F.

"I've been using the Daily Balancing Cleanser for the past 3 months during my first trimester of pregnancy. The increased hormones caused my severe acne to return. Since using the cleanser my breakouts have subsided and my skin is clearer than ever. I only wished I started using this product earlier, definitely recommend."

Amanda T.

"Absolutely love this product [Daily Balancing Cleanser]. Love the feeling it leaves after using it - clean and fresh! Since using this product for the past year or more I have noticed the changers to my skin. Highly recommend."

Belinda B.

"I am SO happy with my purchase. The Daily Cleanser is the best oil based cleanser I have ever used! Plus the Whipped Body Butter is so creamy and easy to apply. I feel like I've had a day spa treatment every time I use my Purity Project products. I love the self care ritual element to it all too xx."

Renee. R


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