Mindful Skincare

Giving your skin – and you – a calming, conscious moment of kindness

Our skincare routines are a part of daily life, but rarely do we see these rituals as opportunities to look after our inner selves as well. 

With The Purity Project, your skincare routine becomes a doorway to practising one of the most powerful, all-natural healing techniques available to everyone, anywhere at any time…  

Combining the calm and nurturing act of looking after your skin with a moment of mindful awareness can help elevate your skincare routine from token beauty treatment to empowering act of self-love. 

That’s why every product in our range comes with a complimentary Mindfulness Card –  a simple guide that leads you through a gentle mindfulness practice as you apply your skincare.

Our mindful skincare practice is backed by certified mindfulness practitioner Sabine Vitacca (Founder and Developer of Meditate Now).

Using our Mindfulness Card in unison with your organic skincare products is an effortless way to introduce mindfulness into your every day – helping you to feel balanced, relaxed and at one with your body, mind and surroundings.

The Beauty of Self-Affirmation

Practising self-care starts with how you talk to yourself

The words we say to ourselves, whether in our mind or aloud, have the power to change our thoughts and, in turn, our emotions.

By repeating words or phrases of encouragement – called positive affirmations – to ourselves, we can effectively change the way we think and feel about our own self-image. And there is no more powerful place to make use of affirmations than in front of the mirror: Telling our own reflection we are deserving of love has the effect of making it so.

To help get you started in practising this soul-enhancing ritual, The Purity Project has curated a set of Self-Love Daily Affirmation cards – to be incorporated into your daily skincare ritual.

Inscribed with affirming mantras and gentle wisdom, our Self-Love Daily Affirmation Cards encourage you to accept, love and back yourself.

Benefits of Botanical Oils
It’s time to debunk the myth that oils for your face are bad!

Highly alkalinised cleansers can lead to an imbalance or disruption of your skin's pH level. This imbalance can lead to dry and dehydrated skin, which in turn leads to skin issues such as acne. The skin's optimal pH is between 4.5-5.5, which is on the acidic side of the scale.

Disrupt this level and you disrupt the skin's ‘acid mantle’ – the skin's natural barrier that fights off bacteria, infection, and maintains the homeostasis of our entire stratum corneum (the surface layer of our skin). It may also disrupt oil production, which can lead to more oil being produced than needed.

So how do botanical oils work to reduce breakouts and help soothe problematic skin?
Our oils are low-comedogenic, which means they moisturise and cleanse without clogging pores. Just as ‘like dissolves like’, our oils neutralise and nourish, rather than dehydrate or inflame. You'll wipe away make-up, debris and dirt with just one cleanse.     

The natural antioxidants of botanical oils, which are derived from the whole plant – from the flowers and seeds to the stem, bark and roots – are absorbed easily by the skin, enabling them to more readily neutralise free radicals (atoms that damage skin cells).  The result is a very happy stratum corneum and a positive, natural, intuitive skincare experience.

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